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26 Mile Alien Mothership in our Solar System

Convincing proof that the Egyptian, Sumerian, as well as Dogon civilizations was started by aliens from the Sirius star system which are now all set to return
– Upgraded with 140 pages of new medical evidence that strengthens the hypothesis that the KGB, CIA, as well as NASA tried to subdue

– A mind-blowing job of study that asks for an extensive reappraisal of our role in the universe

– Over 10,000 duplicates sold in its initial 2 months of launch in Britain

Magazine of The Sirius Puzzle in 1976 established the globe abuzz with talk of an extraterrestrial beginning to human civilization and also set off a 15-year persecution war Robert Holy place by the KGB, CIA, NASA, as well as other government firms. Undaunted, nonetheless, Holy place is back, with 140 web pages of brand-new clinical proof that makes his theory a lot more convincing compared to ever.

Several writers have hypothesized about extraterrestrial contact, yet never prior to has such detailed proof existed. Holy place uses his thorough knowledge of the past, folklore, Pythagorean physics, turmoil theory, and also Greek, to a close examination of the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which was built to line up directly with the superstar Sirius. He concludes that the unusual people of Sirius as well as our very own world are part of the exact same harmonic system, as well as are destined to function and reverberate together. His searchings for call for a great reappraisal of our role in the universe.


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