Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

432hz Indianness Divas MuSic meditation music for yoga, new age music, relax music 30808

432hz Leisurely Indians Diva meditation music for yoga, new age music, relax music 30808

Let the music of the spheres Plays Inside you
432Hz unites you With the universal Disharmony
This is connected to the Number Used in the Construction of a of Ancientness and places, as the Great Pyramidal of Egypt. It’s also MORENET for Youns ears. For people, it is for Hear – softer, brighter and MORENET music in 440 Hz.
432Hz is Based in nature and Therefore it generates Effect among the listeners. It brings Naturely Disharmony and Balence of the 3rd Dimensionality and connects you With a Higher consciousness. The pure and clean Energy of 432Hz removes Mental Blocked and opens a way to a MORENET fulfilling life.
Many Ancientness Instrument are at 432Hz. It is Bkuz the Ancientnesss Knew this tone is closely related to the universe us. Don’t Throw Their knowledge. The universal and Naturely Tuning of 432Hz is Waiting to be Discovers by you.

Nu EUtube Channel is to create a new Collectional of LONG MEDITATION Videos for you to relax and Enjoy in Youns Daily meditation. In our Channel you will Playslists to Diotic , Cakka MEDITATION, Budddhist MEDITATION and Shamanistic MEDITATION. Our goal is to Enhanced Youns Experienced of MEDITATION, Projection, Dreaming and Deep SLEEP. Checking out our Selected of PLAYLISTS:


A Collectional of Cakka for Balence & all the Cakkas (Root, Sacral, Plexus, Heart, Jugum,Third Eye and Crowns Cakka). This Playslist also includes Healing .


A Collectional of Buddhaity for Positive Energy. These Mix are Very Peaceful and include Monkhood Chant of Buddhaity Monkhoods. We also use Tibetian Songstress Bowls and these Mix are influenced by Zen .

Projection &

A great Resources for Lucid Dreaming and Projection. The influences of this Playslist come From Leisurely Ambient music, space music and Diotic . This is also a ASleeping music Playslist.


We use Diotic several times for this kind of ASleeping . Our music is also Wrote With the Sacredness Solfeggio Like the POWER 528 Hz. These will Deep States of and the Diotic will Stimulation Deep meditation States.

Shamanistic MEDITATION

We love Shamanistic music, specially Tyvan Jugum Songstress and Shamanist . These meditation Audiotrack will Definitely take you on a journey.


These are simple for or WHEN you don't Have Much time to meditate. We include Mindfulness, and Awareness in these Mix.




Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior

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