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8 Original Boy Scout Badges Modern Adults Couldn’t Earn

I was a Boy Scout, and though I could never muster the power to get involved in my society enough to start Eagle rank, I clearly retain the Merit Badges. The excellent scouts had a sash full of 'em. The more you had, the most likely your Dad was the Scoutmaster. It was a cool impression, but some of them were too easy to get. For example, the one for Engineering am asking you to listing ten electrical appliances in your room. It's not much of a challenge when one of the requirements is literally “write down the contents of your kitchen.”

In 1911, though, happenings were a bit different. I accidentally stumbled upon the original Boy Scout guide, and the requirements for some of the William Taft-era merit stamps run from banal insanity to the regular various kinds of insanity. We've already explored how badass the Scouts used to be, but after speaking this list, I understand that you had to be a major badass to plainly survive getting your merit medals. Stamps like..


Agriculture – Grow A Fucking Acre Of Corn

A common staple among 1911 medals is bullshit requirements, asking you to “be able” to do something without actually proving you can do it. The first Merit Badge for Agriculture is a good example 😛 TAGEND

3. Be able to identify and describe common grass of the community and tell how better to eliminate them .

4. Be able to identify the common insects and tell how best to handle them .

5. Have a practical knowledge of plowing, raising, drilling, hedging, and draining .

6. Have a working knowledge of farm machinery, haymaking, reaping, loading, and stacking .

It expects Scouts to know certain basic about harvest husbandry, and that's about it. There's not even any quantitative ushers payed. I'm sure I could reputation a handful of insects and weeds and the ways to handle them( mosquitoes, ants, daffodils; BURN THEM ALL !). I don't know cock about haymaking and harvest, which, at first glance, sound little like raising the arrangements and more like the Mass Effect: Andromeda pursues that I ever ignore.

Oops, I bounced paces 1 and 2. Let's me exactly scroll up and see-

1. State different research with particles .

2. Grow at least an acre of corn which produces 25 per cent. better than members of the general average .

Holy shit. The first Boy scout had to grow a fucking acre of corn to get this badge? I'm not even a hundred percentage sure how much that is, but unless you already own a working farm, that's like … hopeless title? I simply gaped it up. An acre is 16 tennis courtrooms. 16 tennis courtrooms of corn. And if your Dad was a farmer, everyone would know you merely cheated. I mean, how would you flourish any cornfield bigger than a garden without that infrastructure already in place? “At least an acre.” That's the bare minimum, boys. Sorry about any other activities that you wanted to take part in this year.

I didn't even mention that apparently this child would have to produce a furnish 25 percent better than members of the general norm. So what if little Jimmy makes corn at 24 percentage better than the general norm? Guess what, you simply squandered 60 to 100 daytimes embed and reaping 40 bushels of corn. Fuck you, Jimmy. No merit badge for you. Try again next crop.


Angling – Catch 10 Fish With Homemade Rods

Now, I have some country in me. I've been to Maine . I've fished before. But my jigging rod had cartoon sharks on them. I have no project how to do any of this.

To secure a virtue stamp for Tilting a scout must

1. Catch and reputation ten different species of fish: salmon or trout to be taken with operates; bass, pickerel, or pike to be caught with rod or reel, muskallonge to be caught by trolling .

2. Make a enticement rod of three joints, straight-from-the-shoulder and sound, 14 oz. or reductions in force, 10 hoofs or reductions in segment, to stand a striving of 1-1/ 2 lbs. at the tip-off, 13 lbs. at the clutch .

3. Make a jointed fly-rod 8-10 paws long, 4-8 ozs. in weight, capable of assigning a tent-fly sixty feet .

Look, at it's most basic a fishing rod is just a spooled route attached to a attach, but it seems like you need some jolly specific textiles to make rods to these specifications. At least when we had to build Pinewood Derby gondolas, the Boy scout conveniently had building paraphernaliums( rectangular obstructs of wood and some plastic motors) ready-to-buy. Can't give these girls a stack of prepared timber to creation from, or, well, anything, for that are important?

Oh, and you need to go catch ten different fish, and only in certain ways. God help you if you catch a trout with a reel, or a muskallonge without announcing Internet comments.

4. Name and describe twenty-five different species of fish found in North American seas and devote a complete list of the fisheries sector heard by himself to inhabit a afforded body of water .

Next time you are near a body of water, satisfy peer down into the penetrations and gives people a complete list of every fish hiding in there. Don't cheat, or we'll whack you back down to Cub level.


Archery – Recreate The “Blot Out The Sun” Scene From 300

Archery has always been a staple of Boy Scout camps and the most carrying portions of the Olympics. Today, there is a extraordinary extent of technology implied, much more than there was in 1911. So it's mystifying that one of the measures taken to come this badge back then( after fixing your own bend, of course !) was to almost recreate that scene from 300 where the Persians blot out the sunshine with their arrows.

To obtain a deserve badge for Archery a scout must

1. Make a bow and arrow which will shoot a distance of one hundred feet with fair accuracy .

2. Make a total value of 350 with 60 films in one or 25 two congregates, using standard four-foot target at forty yards or three-foot target at thirty grounds .

3. Make a total rating of 300 with 72 arrows, applying standard target at a distance of fifty yards .

4. Shoot so far and rapid as to have six arrows in the air at once .

Here's Lars Andersen, a captain archer from Denmark claiming to break the world record for having “the worlds largest” arrows in the air at once before one comes down. He gets 11 up there before the first one stumbles the grass, in about seven seconds. That's with a modern bow and arrow from what I premise is at least a mid-grade bow and arrow accumulation. The Boy Scout Manual demands these kids to get to half of the world annal from 100 times in the future with a goddamn homemade bend. The first time traveler will be a Boy Scout from the early 1900 s, frantic to gratify the outlandish standards of a mad volume that is trying to kill him.


Architecture – Design A House To The Standards Of A Contractor

Scouting requires a lot of hands-on training. You'll taught to hold knots, whittle persists, and … motif a two-story room, apparently.

To procure a merit button for Architecture a scout must

1. Present a satisfactory free-hand attracting .

2. Write an paper on the history of Architecture and describe the 5 guilds .

3. Submit an original design for a two-story house and tell what textile to be required the construction industry, uttering detailed descriptions .

1911 wasn't accurately devoid of two-story mansions, so good luck creating an original layout that isn't some kind of Frank Lloyd Wright monstrosity. What kinda live would an eleven-year-old boy build anyway? The staircases would be made out of roller coasters. It wouldn't be “right.” But don't forgotten to item every single information that you plan on using, even if it's fucking Gingerbread.

While you have all those building materials helpful, you can probably grab Pioneering while you're at it, which only requires you to construct a whatever-the-fuck three-person shack next to your two narration house and then build a modern aqueduct between 'em.

4. Build a modern connect or derrick .

5. Make a camp kitchen .

6. Build a shack of one species or the other suitable for three inhabitants .

Or a derrick if that's more hard-bitten. Do you guys know what a derrick is? It's this thing 😛 TAGEND

Egeswender/ Wiki Commons

At this place, I'm pretty sure the Eiffel Tower was knocked out by a boy scout over the weekened, in order to be allowed to get started on his “discover eternal motion” badge.


Civics – Harder Than The U.S. Citizenship Test

When the time comes to regional politics, the most advanced information you have to know for your modern Citizenship stamps is who your Congressmen are. And depending on the way in which much Fox News your Dad watches, “youre supposed to” previously know their nicknames. Back in the working day though? You better be able to rattle off every elected official that represents you and draw a map to all their powers, probably so you could find them and apologize for your sudden, rampant corn planting and for ravaging the neighbourhood fish population.

6. Know how the head, lieutenant-governor, senators, congresswomen, or assemblymen of his position are elected, and its term of office .

7. Know whether the judges of the principal tribunals in his territory are gave or elected, and the length of their calls .

8. Know how the principal officers in his town or metropolitan are elected and for what periods .

9. Know the duties of the various municipality departments, such as fuel, police, board of health, etc .

10. Draw a planned of the town or metropolitan in which he lives, presenting site of the principal public structures and stages of special interest .

I is likely to be stumble through pace 6 with some reminders, but then you've lost me. If I've ever voted for a adjudicator in my life, it was by accident. I'm pretty sure my township is run by a board of selectmen, but I have no opinion what that even means and wouldn't recognize them if I hit one with my car. Unless you are insanely politically speaking( you know the ones by their Facebook feeds) there is simply no way the average American adult would know this stuff. The only reason I know where the town hall is is because of my yearly pup license fee.

To obtain a virtue badge for Civics a scout must

1. State the principal citizenship requirements of an elector in his territory .

2. Know the principal features of the naturalization laws of the United States .

3. Know how President, Vice-President, senators, and congressmen of the United States are elected and their terms of office .

4. Know the number of judges of the Supreme Court of the United States, how commissioned, and their terms of office .

5. Know the various types administrative departments of government, as participating in the the President's Cabinet .

Even the top-level info is nice touchy. Who are the electors? Are they elected or opted?( Am … am I an elector ??). Don't get me wrong, all of this stuff is actually really important to know, and the fact that little boys were expected to know this 100 years ago excuses a lot about our current situation. But it's hard to condemn our citizens' knowledge when I'm not convinced our own President knows the various types administrative departments of government.


First Aid – Treat Actual Horrific Injuries

This can't be too bad. You make a sling, and you go home, right …

2. Carry a person down a ladder .

Hold on. This doesn't answer “demonstrate” or “explain how to.” You actually have to get it on. A preteen son has to carry a person( concepts that typically weigh as much as an average person) down a freakin' ladder? The Hell does that even have to do with First Aid? I feel like only this is enough to warrant its own “Break Your Own Spine” merit badge.

3. Bandage head and ankle .

4. Demonstrate treatment of wound of the neck with severe arterial bleeding .

5. Treat disfiguring trauma of the leg without severe bleeding .

6. Demonstrate treatment for rupture of varicose veins of the leg with severe bleeding .

What the … are they are all like this? Unless they include “1 0. Call 911, before passing out at the seeing of blood” right now, I am not going to be able to check off a single one of these.


Ornithology – Find Every Goddamn Bird In Your Neighborhood

It's birdwatching. How fucking hard-bitten could that be?

To find a virtue medal for Ornithology a scout must

1. Have a register of one hundred different kinds of fledglings personally observed on exploration in the field .

2. Have distinguished beyond question, by look or by memo, forty-five all kinds of chicks in one day .

Oh OK. You merely have to sit around waiting for every categories of fowl in your neighborhood to come strolling on by like it's Pokemon Snap . There aren't 100 different birds at the zoo, let alone in my damn backyard. The badges for Forestry, Mining, and Stalking require an evenly unbelievable watching of trees, minerals, and shrubs, respectively. You know, just in case the weaving obsession of Birdwatching wasn't enough and you're in the market for more bullshit counting.

And don't even think about mis-characterizing a white-throated sparrow as a tufted titmouse. This shit needs to be beyond question , tribes. Forty-five fledglings in one day. 100 percent accuracy. The remainder of such lists comes off like it's a dialogue that eventually discovers the Scoutmaster to be the bad guy.

3. Have made a good clear photo of some mad fledgling, the chick idol to be over one half inch in span on the negative .

“What ?! You concluded 45 fledglings? FINE! Try taking a perfect picture of one! “

4. Have ensure at the least two renters in bird boxes-

“Damn! Oh ya? Good fluke capturing … TWO chicks in chests! AHAHA! “

4. Have locked at the least two tenants in chick boxes made by himself .


5. Have daily records on the nesting of a pair of wild fledglings from the time the first egg is laid until the young have left the nest .

“Nooo! Bet you can't catch some fowl mothers in the purposes of the act of giving birth and then stalk them every day until all the boys have moved out of the members of this house! “

6. Have attracted at least three kinds of fowls, exclusive of the English sparrow, to a “lunch counter” which he has afforded .

“That's … that's absurd … Now … make the damn medal. If … you persuade three of them to have lunch with you. And NO SPARROWS OR IT'S BACK TO START! “


Pathfinding – Become a Walking GPS

A badge like Pathfinding is a great example of something that is both essential to what Scouting is all about and has regrettably been stirred perfectly antiquated by today's technology. It has since been merged into the more couch-friendly Exploration badge, but the original explanation questioned Scouts to become a accompanying GPS.

To attain a virtue badge for Pathfinding a scout must

1. Know every alley, by-path, and short-lived trim for great distances of at the least two miles in every direction all over the neighbourhood scouts' headquarters in the country .

2. Have a general knowledge of different districts within a five mile radius of his regional headquarters, so as to be able to guide beings at any time, by daylight or night .

3. Know the general direction and person of the five principal neighboring our cities and be able to give strangers chastise tendencies how to be realized .

I'd be impressed if someone knew all of the shortcuts in Mario Kart . I'd be really impressed if anyone knew the site of every Target within five miles. And I'd be fucking floored if I mused aloud in my driveway where the very near damn Wendy's was while fumbling with my phone, and a bit boy in a uniform is out of the bushes, “ve given me” the exact street counselings end with shortcuts, and walked away into the shadows.

In addition, this Merit Badge necessary Scouts to somehow count the number of cattle and mares at all the nearby farms, know the history of every public building in his town, and then gave all of the above on a map. So yeah, strolling GPS, library, and neighbourhood raise trespasser.

Well, there you have it. The eight hardest OG Merit Badges. I'd bet my WEBELOS neckerchief that no modern Boy Scout could get any of these. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go try and finish up my Personal Health badge, the only way God purposed 😛 TAGEND

4. Describe the effect of alcohol and tobacco on the growing boy .

Chris has a brand new party game that you can download for free right here. Look for it on Facebook, too !

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