Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.



Servants captured inland as well as sold at “exhibitions” on the coastline] After authorization has been gotten for cracking trade, as it is labelled, the captains go ashore, every now and then, to check out the negroes that are subjected to sale, and to make their purchases. The dissatisfied miscreants therefore disposed of, are gotten by the black investors at exhibitions, which are held for that purpose, at the range of upwards of 2 hundred miles from the sea coastline; and also these exhibitions are claimed to be provided from an indoor component of the country. Lots of negroes, upon being questioned relative to the areas of their nativity have actually insisted, that they have taken a trip during the change of a number of moons, (their typical method of calculating time) before they have actually reached the areas where they were purchased by the black traders. At these fairs, which are held at unsure durations, however typically every six weeks, a number of thousands are often exposed to sale, who had actually been accumulated from all parts of the nation for a quite substantial range round. While I was after the shore, throughout among the voyages I made, the black traders lowered, in different canoes, from twelve to fifteen hundred negroes, which had actually been purchased at one exhibition. They consisted chiefly of males and also boys, the females seldom surpassing a third of the whole number. From forty to 2 hundred negroes are typically bought each time by the black traders, baseding on the luxury of the customer, and also consist of those of any ages, from a month, to sixty years and upwards. No one exempt from being oppressed] Scare any kind of age or circumstance is regarded an exemption, the price being proportionable. Ladies occasionally form a component of them, which take place to be until now advanced in their pregnancy, regarding be delivered during their quest from the exhibitions to the coastline; and also I have frequently viewed circumstances of the distributions on board ship. The servants acquired at these fairs are only for the supply of the markets at Bonny, and Old and New Calabar.

Kidnapping of slaves] There is terrific need to think, that a lot of the negroes shipped off from the shore of Africa, are abducted. However the extreme treatment taken by the black investors to prevent the Europeans from gaining any kind of knowledge of their modes of proceeding; the great distance inland from whence the negroes are brought; as well as our lack of knowledge of their language, (with which, really often, the black traders themselves are equally unacquainted) avoid our acquiring such details on this head as we can want … While I was in use on board one of the servant ships, a negroe educated me, that being one night invited to drink with several of the black investors, up on his going away, they tried to take him. As he was extremely active, he averted their layout, and also left their hands. He was nevertheless avoided from effecting his retreat by a big canine, which laid hold of him, as well as urged him to sent in. These animals are kept by numerous of the investors for that function; and also being trained to the ruthless sport, they look much happy with it … It frequently occurs, that those who abduct others, are themselves, in their turns, seized and also sold. A negroe in the West Indies notified me, that after having been utilized in kidnapping others, he had experienced this reverse. As well as he guaranteed me, that it was a common event amongst his countrymen.

Conflict amongst African individuals over the slave labor] Continual enmity is thus cultivated amongst the negroes of Africa, and also all social sexual intercourse in between them is ruined; which most surely would not hold true, had they not these possibilities of locating a prepared sale for each other … Just how servants were sold to Europeans] When the negroes, whom the black investors need to dispose of, are shewn to the European purchasers, they first examine them about their age. They then minutely check their individuals, as well as inquire into the state of their wellness; if they are affected with any kind of infirmity, or are warped, or have bad eyes or teeth; if they are lame, or weak in the joints, or misshaped in the back, or of a slim make, or are narrow in the breast; basically, if they have actually been, or are affected in any sort of manner, so regarding make them incapable of much labour; if any one of the foregoing issues are discovered in them, they are turned down. Yet if authorized of, they are typically taken on board the ship the very same night. The purchaser has liberty to return on the adhering to morning, yet not later on, such as upon re-examination are found exceptionable.

Declined slaves beaten or gotten rid of] The traders frequently defeat those negroes which are challenged by the captains, and utilize them with fantastic seriousness. It matters not whether they are refused therefore age, disease, deformity, or for any other reason. At New Calabar, specifically, the investors have actually often been recognized to place them to fatality. Instances have actually occurred at that area, that the traders, when any one of their negroes have been objected to, have actually losted their canoes under the stern of the vessel, and instantaneously beheaded them, in sight of the captain.

Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior


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    He who eats another mans food will have his own food eaten by others. ~Swahili Proverb

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    In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams. ~ Nigerian proverb

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