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Canada tweets support for transgender troops after Trump announcement

Military Twitter account aspects party representatives with rainbow pennants above meaning: We welcome Canadians of all gender identities

Canadas military has welcomed drafts of all gender identities, hours after Donald Trump said he would censor transgender parties from the US military.

A tweet from the Canadian armed forces official Twitter account included a photograph of armed strip members rallying in a ceremony with rainbow pennants fluttering from their instruments.

Canadian Troops (@ CanadianForces)

We accepted Cdns of all sex directions and gender identities. Join us! #DiversityIsOurStrength #ForcesJobs https :// 572 KahN2Zh 9In7HR4Utj

July 26, 2017

Within an hour, it had been retweeted 2,500 times.

Trumps surprise announcement, in a series of Twitter berths on Wednesday, depicted disapproval from claims groups and some lawmakers in both US political parties as discrimination with exclusively government incentives. But it was praised by conservative activists and some Republicans.

The act, changing Barack Obamas policy, halted years of efforts to eliminate barriers to military service based on sexual direction or gender identity.

The Canadian militarys social media response to Trumps move was suggestive of a tweet by the Canadian “ministers “, Justin Trudeau, in January after Trump published a travel restrict affecting people from Muslim-majority countries.

To those fleeing tyranny, fright and battle, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your religion. Diversity is our strength, Trudeau tweeted at the time.

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