Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Caviar Lifestyle with Fishstick Money



“We changed our lives AND created a business out of being broke.” Now life just keeps getting better and better. One of the reasons I believe most people don't  succeed at living a rich & fulfilling life  is because they make things too complicated. They invest in elaborate investments they don’t understand. They make fancy moves with their money, and it really doesn't take all that.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the “Caviar” Lifestyle can have it starting today, and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune either. This can easily be done with a “fish-stick” budget if you know how. You have to be willing to be open to experiencing life in a way that you have probably never imagined before.  Many people don't even know what they really want. You see, in order to get what you want out of life here on Earth, you must first change the way you view life here on Earth. The key ingredient ” is Change” and that's what 95% of today's generation can't stomach, while the other 5% are enjoying the Caviar Lifestyle. It's not how much you have, its what you do with what you have and how to use what you have to work for you instead against you. The problem is, most of us take the exact opposite approach.

How do I know this? Because I spent the first 25 years of my adult life doing the exact same thing. I bought things on credit cards, racking up debts I couldn’t pay. I borrowed money to go to school. I spent every dime I earned, and then some, on the latest video game systems and newest cell phones and crap I didn’t really need or want after a month of having it. Sure, a few of those things added some value to my life in the form of entertainment, or making things easier, etc. However, the large majority was a waste.

Now, I certainly don’t begrudge anyone who aspires to have nice things. I did and still do have caviar tastes but now, I've learned how to satisfy those tastes on a fish-stick budget.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed saving cash  AND buying nice things. On top of ALL that, my husband, Taq'uee and I continue to manifest more and more in our lives. Once we figured out the “secrets”  it was possible to do this even with 4 kids who also had their day to day demands and needs. We did it and so can you.

Each of us has our own way of life, “differences” as may be called. However, no matter how different we are and the ways we live, there is still one universal truth, values, principles and universal laws that are governing our world. These truths are so simple and general that if you try to learn and apply them in your life, a great change can happen. These universal truths, values and principles gave other people a chance to find their place in this world and to live their life to its fullest, while others lead a life of dullness, hardship and misery.

Knowing these “top secrets” can be an eye-opener for you to see a different perspective. Further, living these principles into your life is ultimately, the key for you to enjoy and live life to fullest. “A Caviar Lifestyle

To start on a path towards living that Caviar Lifestyle, I'm going to uncover some of our “Secrets” to put you on the path to learning how to start living the Caviar Lifestyle even on a fish-stick budget. So start building your desired lifestyle today. Make the commitment NOW!

Join us in our life changing Webinar and get 25 Secrets that will change your life instantly.



Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior

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  1. Dick Ingersoll

    Congratulations on making changes in your lives! As you have discovered, it is very difficult until you realize the peace of mind you’ve gained. It’s really just a matter of attitude… you can alter your life if you will alter your attitude.

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