Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Christian Preacher Punched in His Big Mouth on Mizzou at Black Lives Matter Protest

During the “Black Lives Matter” protest/rally on the Mizzou University, open-air preacher Jesse Morrell was punched in the mouth by one of the black people he spewed his feelings on Michael Brown and Ferguson. He said that Michael Brown died because he had a disrespect for authority (you don't have to watch the full 2hrs of nonsense, I didn't)… Probably should learn to not speak on things that he is not ready to catch such responses from. Much can be learned from this as “not allowing your mouth to write a check that your butt isn't willing to cash” or in this case, your lips! To even assume that disrespect for authority justifies being murdered the way in which this young brotha was murdered, you should have your butt kicked. Just because something is legal does not make it right, remember slavery was legal. This man is so ignorant he actually believes that Blacks are a “minority” probably should check his stats and stop quoting what he has heard. Speaking of quoting, he sure does a good job of quoting the gangsta rap that he is accusing of being the reason Blacks are in prison. This blabbering idiot and Black preachers need to stop all selling people what these religions have taught you.


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