24 thoughts on “CLC Toddler Black History Program

  1. Albert Foster

    There is always a winner even in a monkey’s beauty contest. ~African Proverb

  2. Sara Hughes

    Pretend you are dead and you will see who really loves you. ~ African proverb

  3. Douglas Porter

    A happy man marries the girl he loves, but a happier man loves the girl he marries. ~ African proverb

  4. Craig Freeman

    If you can’t resolve your problems in peace, you can’t solve war. ~ Somalian proverb

  5. Justin Edwards

    When there is peace in the country, the chief does not carry a shield. ~Ugandan proverb

  6. Howard Crawford

    The hyena with a cub does not consume all the available food. ~Akamba Proverb

  7. Susan Long

    Eat when the food is ready; speak when the time is right. ~Ethiopian Proverb

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