Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Did You See This?

It seems that the media isn't interested in covering positive news in the Black community. I guess most Black people have been lulled into preferring to watch more negative images of our people doing ignorant stuff. How ironic that most of those same “take no action” people are the ones doing the most complaining about conditions in the Black community. Step up or shut up! We are making a difference at


Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior

19 thoughts on “Did You See This?

  1. Todd Wallace

    He who doesn’t clean his mouth before breakfast always complains that the food is sour. ~African Proverb

  2. Jason Phillips

    If you see a man in a gown eating with a man in rags, the food belongs to the latter. ~Fulani Proverb

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