Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Distant Shores – Chad & Jeremy

Free Spirit shares his experience of contact with Galactic Celebrity Beings, a result of cleansing and turning on the Pineal Gland. Downloaded with wisdom on the shores of far-off worlds throughout the Galaxy, his life has been incredibly changed by his ongoing call with these quite advanced, wise and caring Beings. Free Spirit shares his insights in addition to the loving messages that they desire to interact to humanity currently. This is an important book for comprehending the future of humankind and also the Rising process – leading the reader into their heart to embrace the resonances of Universal Love, Approval and also Mercy as well as Cosmic Knowledge. Free Spirit brightens the reader into the deeper mysteries of multicolored multi-dimensional reality as well as writes on the nature of the profound love that the Celebrity Beings can give the open as well as courageous heart. His works on all elements of recovery and also spiritual understanding look into issues of cosmology, the nature of truth, pineal detoxification, altering fears, connection healing, spiritual love-making and also the probability of human beings coming to be never-ceasing rapturous beings of light. Free Spirit additionally shares his profound, much getting to quests right into the celestial worlds, the Galactic Center and also past the Milky Method Galaxy – to the end of the recognized Universe – giving peeks right into exactly what lies beyond. This job is intended to advance the awakening of planetary spiritual consciousness in the world as well as to encourage us all to welcome the Ultimate Fact of Universal Awareness.

Maat Hotep. Many thanks for Sharing.

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    Wisdom is wealth! One thing I respect deeply about Africa is the treasure of wisdom our ancestors have handed down to us. While some of our leaders may have forgotten them, the rest of us don’t need to. From prudent sayings on wisdom itself, to judicious encouragements, warnings and even quirky advice on learning, patience, unity, wealth, poverty, community, family, love and marriage, these quotes will inspire you to be the best you can possibly be.

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    The mouth is stupid after eating it forgets who gave it the food. ~African Proverb

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    Ears that do not listen to advice, accompany the head when it is chopped off. ~African Proverb

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