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Dr. Umar A Johnson’s Book Trailer: Psycho-Academic War

Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars Versus Black Boys goes over such subjects as the motion to eliminate public education, the duty of Black language/Ebonics in the mis-education process, the psycho-pharmaceutical control of the psychological wellness facility, the intentional mis-diagnosing of Black boys for financial gain, obligatory high school graduation examinations and also schoolhouse racism.

This book is the first of its kind to take readers on an inside tour of the unique education and learning equipment and how it operates. It is additionally the first publication of the 21st century to discover each of the four major disruptive behavior ailments (ADHD, CD, ODD, DBD-NOS) as well as exactly how these diagnoses poorly differentiate between typical as well as irregular behaviors amongst Black children.

An extremely simple yet powerful read, Psycho-Academic Holocaust has actually been created for laypersons with day-to-day language, and also should be reviewed by all grownups which appreciate the future of young Black men in America, England, Canada and also the Caribbean. An entire chapter has actually been committed to teaching moms and dads and instructors how to do away with tough as well as disruptive actions without medicine. Still an additional chapter, entitled “Frequently Asked Questions,” offers African-American moms and dads, young people workers, and also supporters with essential details they could make use of that can help secure African-American men from psychiatric racism and academic Jim Crowism. The author is a doctor of medical psychology, licensed college psychologist and also kid therapist, with 15 years of experience working with at-risk youngsters of shade.
As an expert educational diagnostician, Dr. Umar works with Intellectually Handicapped, Autistic, Psychologically Disrupted, and Knowing Handicapped children and their families.

Dr. Umar is on a goal to construct an independent residential school district for African-American boys and also women that have actually been academically violated by the American Public and Charter School System.


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