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Dr. Umar Johnson – The Planned Drugging of the Black Community (Sneak Preview)

Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson is a Nationally Accredited Institution Psychologist that works independently throughout Pennsylvania as well as speaker throughout the nation. Umar is a blood relative of Fredrick Douglass, the wonderful Black activist and also orator. As a school psychologist, Umar kids ages 3-21 in an initiative to figure out if they have academic disabilities and also a need for unique education. Umar is taken into consideration a national professional on discovering impairments and their result on Black youngsters, in addition to a service provider on helping colleges and parents customize challenging actions that can inevitably cause disruptive actions disorder diagnoses in Black kids.

Talking sub-topics consist of: 1. Specials of drugs in today's songs and also videos 2. Prescribed medications in our college system 3. The connection between medications, institutions, as well as prisons 4. Who put the medications in our neighborhoods? 5. AND A LOT MORE

Watoto From The Nile (creator of the song “Letter to Lil Wayne” showcases several of their new songs on this DVD


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