Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Fifty Cents and a Dream

Booker fantasized
of making close friends with words,
setting free the keys
that resided in books.

Birthed into slavery, youthful Booker T. Washington might just dream of learning how to read and also write. After emancipation, Booker started a five-hundred-mile trip, primarily on foot, to Hampton Institute, taking his first of numerous steps to a college degree. When he showed up, he had just fifty cents in his pocket and a desire about to happen. The youthful servant that once waited beyond the schoolhouse would someday end up being a fabulous educator of freedmen.

Acclaimed artist Bryan Collier catches the hardship as well as the spirit of among one of the most motivating figures in American history, giving birth to Booker T. Washington's quest to discover, to read, and to understand a dream.

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