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Forget fidget spinners there’s a new toy craze that has parents scared

Handheld crossbows sell online and in patronizes for as little as seven yuan( 1 USD ).

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Forget about the supposed dangers associated with the twitch spinner there's a brand-new doll furor taking China by whirlwind that is concluding mothers scared.

It's called the toothpick crossbow.

The minuscule doll shoots little sharpened skewers that can apparently thrust through several beds of cardboard, apples, and lightbulbs.

With the toothpick replaced by a metal needle, meanwhile, the devices can even perforate openings in soda cans.

Here's one in action.

Lightbulbs don't stand a chance.

What's worse is the crossbow simply expenditure the equivalent of one dollar. So they're not hard to come by.

There are even online videos that instructs how to induce your own crossbow out of confines, because they're apparently so favourite that collects are frequently sold out.

Some institutions( and even cities) have started to ban these mini-weapons before too many parties lose an attention. Distraught mothers have taken to social media to express their concerns.

“Hurry up( and restrict them ), students do not understand and are just shooting people for amusing. It will compel collisions sooner or later, ” one mother supposedly wrote on Weibo, China's version of Twitter.

Another dumb, damaging plaything then – expect it all over the U.S. soon.

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