Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Introduction to KEMET

In Kemet 101 Dr. Kyles brings to life one of the most misconstrued cultures in human record with a large range of pictures and also approaches. Kemet 101 resolves several misconceptions, including the misconception of an Asiatic beginning of Nile Valley civilizations. Kemet 101 ought to be read by all with a passion in Old Egyptian Past history or African History in general. It is an exceptional source for amateurs, educators, and also those currently accustomed to the topic. Topics dealt with include: The Ethiopian as well as Sudanic origins of the magnificent kingship concept as well as the Ausarian (Osirian) Resurrection; The moral as well as spiritual beliefs of old Egypt; Ancient Egyptian composing systems, consisting of the Medtu Neter (also known as hieroglyphs); the predicament of political figures such as Seqenenre Tao, Queen Aahotep, Hatshepsut, and also the Nubians of the 25th Empire; and also the swiped legacy of Old Egypt.

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