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Las Vegas shooting: At least 59 dead in massacre Trump calls ‘act of pure evil’

A gunman switched a Las Vegas concert into a killing field Sunday night from his roost on the 32 nd flooring of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, utilizing at the least 10 firearms to rain down a steady river of fuel, murdering at the least 59 people and injuring more than 520 others in the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history.

The suspect, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, was identified as 64 -year-old Stephen Paddock, a resident of Mesquite, Nevada. Police initially sought the status of women believed to be Paddock's roommate, Marilou Danley, as a “person of interest.” Detectives afterwards drew contact with her, and “do not trust she is involved with the shooting on The Strip.”

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said an “excess of 10 rifles” were found in the area, but did not immediately reveal a incitement, saying “I can't get into the mind of a psychopath at this point.”

Paddock reportedly had about 23 guns in his hotel room, is in accordance with police in an night press conference.

A gunman killed at least 59 beings and injured hundreds Sunday night from the 32 nd storey of the Mandalay Bay resort and casino. ( AP Photo/ John Locher)

Fully automated artilleries produced after the mid-1 980 s are illegal in the U.S. Those made before going to be able be purchased, however, buying one necessary heavy regulation, including a background check by ATF and law enforcement notification. In recent years, however, some offenders have illegally altered semi-automatic artilleries into automatic ones.

Chris Michel, proprietor of Dixie GunWorx, said Paddock toured his place in St. George, Utah, several times and purchased a shotgun in February after delivering a federal shoot background check.

“There were no red flags, ” Michel told The Associated Press. “I had no idea he would be capable of this.”

Paddock had been in the hotel room since September 28, according to Lombardo. The sheriff said a check of federal and nation databases indicated Paddock was not on law enforcement authorities' radar before the bloodbath.

Authorities said two on-duty Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police were injured during the hitting. One is in stable conditions after surgery, and another sustained minor injuries. Two off-duty police officers attending the concert were killed.

President Trump said the mass filming “was an act of pure misfortune, ” and praised first responders in an address to the nation.

“To the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you, ” Trump said, adding that he will tour Las Vegas on Wednesday to meet with first responders and families.

The gunman, who shelled down on the Route 91 Harvest Festival from a office in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, died from a self-inflicted gunshot meander just as police constituted entry to the chamber, is in accordance with LVMPD undersheriff Kevin McMahill.

At this time, federal officials do not view any connection to international terrorism and little know anything about Paddock's motivation, federal law enforcement roots said. The Islamic State terror group took credit for the Las Vegas shooting, saying the gunman be transformed into Islam months ago, but provided no ground to back up the claim.

FBI Special agent-in-charge Aaron Rouse said at a news conference the agency has “determined to this point no connection with an international terrorist group.”

People scramble for shelter at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival after gun ardour was listen on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ( Photo by David Becker/ Getty Images)

People expedite a wounded maiden at the Tropicana during an active crap-shooter place on the Las Vegas Stirp in Las Vegas Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. ( Chase Stevens/ Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)

Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisola told the Nevada Independent that Paddock hired two hotel rooms, one face north and one facing east, and has hitherto called the hotel two other durations.

Paddock was consuming Danley’s slot machine card, which is how police got ahold of her specify although she was in the Philippines at the time of the incident, Sisolak said.

The gunman's friend, Eric Paddock, told reporters outside his Central Florida home early Monday “an asteroid really precipitated on us, ” and said Stephen Paddock has no record of mental illness.

Paddock said his brother is “just a guy” and he “freaked, ” and had withdrawn to Vegas because he liked gambling. The shooter's brother said Paddock didn't care about religion or politics.

He afterwards told reporters that his brother was a multimillionaire who concluded money the investment in real estate, in addition to working as an accountant for a number of years.

The scene of the shooting in Las Vegas. ( Fox News)

The Department of Homeland Security said Monday morning that the department is “closely monitoring” and helping collaborators probe the misfortune, but at this time has “no information to indicate a particular believable threat involving other public venues in the country.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke with Sheriff Lombardo provide his full approval, Department of Justice officials told Fox News.

Sessions said in a statement he met with FBI Director Christopher Wray early Monday morning.

“To the many class whose lives have been changed eternally by this flagrant behave, we give you our petitions and our promise that we will do everything in our ability to get right for your loved ones, ” Sessions said in a statement.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval called the massacre a cowardly, disreputable act and praised first responders, “says hes” saved scores of lives.

“We're enraged, we're grieving, we're confused, people are paining, ” he said.

Authorities first received calls about an active shooting at about 10:08 p.m. Country music star Jason Aldean was accomplishing at the Route 91 Harvest Festival when the gunfire erupted.

Police men digest at the background of a shooting near the Mandalay Bay resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, in Las Vegas. ( AP Photo/ John Locher)

Aldean was performing his last choru of the night. Initially, those in attendance said they speculated the announce was firecrackers. But as the shots prolonged, Aldean stopped singing and some concertgoers could be heard screaming to each other to get down.

One witness told a local television station that he listened “hundreds of shots.” The gunfire was quick and supposedly confused with firecrackers.

“It sounded like a machine gun, ” one marketer told Fox News. “It seemed like more than one machine gun.”

Firearms professionals paused Monday to attribute the shooter’s speedy attack from his room on the 32 nd flooring of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to an automatic weapon’s fuel.

Automatic artilleries, sometimes referred to as machine guns, burn a flow of missiles when the initiation is attracted once and held down. They differ from semiautomatic artilleries, which require one trigger pull for each round burnt.

Ryan Cleckner, a former U.S. Army Ranger sniper and author of “Long Range Shooting Handbook, ” said the seemingly incoherent charge of Paddock’s photographing may indicate he was using a machine to simulate full-auto fire.

These machines, such as a Slide Fire stock, are legal and can be bought for about $300.

“These manoeuvres take advantage of a firearm’s natural backlash to' bump-fire’ the handgun thereby mimicking a machine gun without assembling the legal description, ” Cleckner told Fox News.

Equipping an AR-1 5, for example, with a Slide Fire stock “wouldve been” far cheaper and easier than buying a machine gun. Machine shoots in the U.S. can cost upwards of $15,000 and require the buyer to experience a personally intrusive and months-long application process with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Country singer Jake Owen, who performed before Aldean, told Fox News the gunfire was “non-stop.”

“You couldn't tell where it was coming from. It was resounding and non-stop, ” he said.

Some concertgoers stayed behind to offer help to those around them.

“Everybody I discovered subsisting, I helped, ” a concertgoer told Fox News.

The wife of a Tennessee man killed by the Las Vegas shooter said her husband died because he saved her from being hit. Heather Gulish Melton told Fox affiliate WZTV that her husband, Sonny Melton of Paris, Tennessee, was among the 50 killed Sunday night.

Kodiak Yazzie, 36, said here music stopped temporarily and started up again before another round of pas moved the performers ducking for cros and fleeing the stage.

“It was the craziest material I've ever seen in my entire life, ” Yazzie told the Associated Press. “You could hear that the interference was coming from west of us, from Mandalay Bay. You could see a flash- flash- flash- flash.”

As the thousands of devotees in the crowd began to abscond, Yazzie took cover-up and said he saw flashings of light received from the Mandalay Bay inn castle high-pitched above.

Another concertgoer told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the fires resonated like fireworks, and she disguises in a sewer.

“It was a horror show, ” Ivetta Saldana told the newspaper. “People were washing around, then they hit the floor.”

Retired FBI special negotiator and onetime national FBI spokesman John Iannarelli, who drove past the scene of the happening exactly moments before the shooting has just taken place, told Fox News the pogrom was “obviously well-planned.”

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