Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Mark, The Motherfucking Renaissance Man Himself

The gifted kid of a bitch …

1. Mark can play the piano

His moms and dads just made him take lessons till the 6th grade, however Mark still plays from time to time as a pastime. Jesus H. Christ. I as soon as heard him go through the totality of a Chopin waltz with only 3 approximately errors.

2. The man is generally a genius

He’ s genuine modest about it, however Mark directly studied biology at Stanford. Seriously, he rejected a basketball scholarship to Temple in order to go to a school that provided a more powerful pre-med program. Safe to state that Mark is among the most intelligent guys I’ ve ever fulfilled. And get this: He completes a book a week.

3. He can prepare

Mark’ s the male. He ’ s been preparing for himself since he went vegetarian at age 14. 2 or 3 times a year he’ ll created a truly classy supper celebration. This boy of a bitch managed a great three-course meal nearly singlehanded. Who does that?

4. Mark’ s been entering into watercolors just recently

Hell yeah. Have a look at this stunning mountain landscape he did. He knocked this out in, like, 2 hours. Yeah.

5. Sports? Mark can do those

Name any pickup sport, and Mark will kill at it. He is an out-and-out risk on the court, pitch, or field. He as soon as beat the shit from a man too, so he can certainly box. The guy’ s a goddamn legend.

6. He offers truly thoughtful presents

Seriously. Mark discovered a t-shirt in precisely my size and design for my birthday in 2015. I’ m difficult to look for, and he needs to have put a great deal of time and factor to consider into that a person.

7. Mark has actually been to Prague

He won’ t extol himself, however he’ s made a great deal of global good friends online, and every once in a while he’ ll pay them a check out. He did a term abroad in the Paris of Eastern Europe. Czech’ s expected to be a difficult language to get, however Mark can still consider a couple of option expressions!

8. Simply take a look at those eyes

They’ re striking and a little unfortunate. Holy hell, this motherfucker’ s got it all.

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