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Mechanical Astronomical Calendar by Al-Biruni

Ranked #1 in Free Kindle Astronomy books – July 2014

Ranked within the Top 10 Paid Kindle Astronomy books – September 2014

Ranked within the Top 50 Free Kindle Non-Fiction books – July 2014

***PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ONLY THE KINDLE VERSION IS WRITTEN FOR BOTH BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS**** Amazon have combined the reviews for both versions, so *please* check the “Look Inside” feature to make sure it's what you want before buying. Thank you.

Whether you're an absolute “no knowledge” beginner or an expert astronomer, this comprehensive, easy-to-use quick reference guide will give you all the details you need to find hundreds of night sky events in 2015 – many of which can be seen with just your eyes.

Written by a former freelance columnist for Astronomy magazine with over thirty years of experience, the guide includes:

– Text highlighting “must see” events that can be easily found and enjoyed. No equipment required!

– Graphics simulating the best events as they can be seen in the sky

– Monthly highlights of what can be seen in the pre-dawn and evening sky, including the Moon, planets, bright asteroids, meteors, bright stars, constellations and deep sky objects

– Descriptions of key astronomical events for each important date

And for more advanced astronomers:

– Details of astronomical events, including conjunctions, eclipses, elongations, oppositions and meteor showers

– Technical information for key events, such as object magnitude, distance and apparent size

– Angular separation for conjunctions

– Culmination dates for bright stars, constellations and all 110 Messier objects

Whether you're planning a night out under the stars or simply want to learn more about the heavens above us, you can find it all in this guide to the astronomical year.

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