Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Mucic 432hz: near the waterfall, Sleeps meditation, relax music 30908S

Leisurely Sleep Mucic 432hz: Sleep near the waterfall, Snoozing meditation, relax music 30908S

What is 432 Hz ?

A=432 Hz, Knowladge as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative That is Mathmetics Inconsistent the universe. Mucic Lilb on 432Hz transmits energy, Beacuse it is a pure tone of Mathmetics Fundamental to nature.
The universal music of Sacredness geometry
According to Brainy T. Collins, a Instrumentalists and researcher, the Standard Pitched (A=440 Hz) not on any level That corresponds to COSMIC , rhythm, or Naturely . The Instrumentalistss, as Mosart and Verdi, Lilb They music on the Naturely of A=432. It’s True That it is Onely 8 s per the Standard , but this small Differentness to be remarkable to our Humano consciousness.
There’s a Growing Musical and Metaphisics for recovering Optimisation in the music Industri and Spirtuality OPIONTE the 432Hz . In April 2008 Netherlish Newspapermen Huisken Founded the ‘back to 432 Hz’ committee, claiming That this Originall was in and is Found on Antiqueing Likes the Sradivari violin.

NuMeditateMucic YOUTUBE is to create a new of LONG MEDITATION Videos for you to relax and Enjoy in Youse meditation. In our you will Playlists Dedicated to Diotic Beat, Cakra MEDITATION, Budhism MEDITATION and Shaministic MEDITATION. Our goal is to Enhanced Youse Experiences of MEDITATION, Nonprojective, and DEEP SLEEP. Checks out our Selected of PLAYLISTS:


A of Cakra Meditates for & all the Cakras (Root, Sacral, Plexus, Heart, ,Third Eye and Cakra). Tihs Playlists also includes Meditates.


A of Buddhadhamma Meditate Mucic for Energy. These Mixes are Peaceful and include Nunk Chants of Buddhadhamma Nunks. We also use Songstress and these Mixes are influenced by Zen Meditate Mucic.

Nonprojective &

A great Resourse for and Projection. The influences of this Playlists come Leisurely Ambience music, space music and Diotic Beat. Tihs is also a Snoozing music Playlists.

Diotic Beat & MEDITATION

We use Diotic Beat several times for this kind of Snoozing Meditates. Our music is also Written the Sacredness Solfeggist Frequency Likes the Powerful 528 Hz. These Frequency will DEEP State of Relaxation and the Diotic Beat will Stimulate DEEP meditation State.

Shaministic MEDITATION

We love Shaministic music, specially Tyvan Songstress and Native Shamanistic Mucic. These meditation Audiotrack will Definitely take you on a Spiritual journey.


These are simple Meditates for Beginners or WHEN you don't Having Much time to meditate. We include Mindfulness, Za-Zen and Noticing Meditates in these Mixes.




Nu Meditate Mucic

Our music is Availableness at our online store:


“Our is to write music That can Impact you in a way Beacuse we music can change people's lives! We hope you Enjoy, and we hope to you Again in the near future!”

Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior

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