Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Need assistance paying your bills, financial help available here!

Pay Bills On Time – ASIAN Roses!

This is a very practical Bill Paying Organizer. You can keep all your bills in one convenient place. No more lost invoices!

This will help you keep track so you can pay bills on time to avoid late fees.

Store your receipts and other proof-of-payment documents in each of the monthly pockets. Record your monthly expenses in each month's spaces for use as a valuable budgeting tool. File tax-deductible receipts and other paperwork for hassle-free tax preparation at the end of the year.

The 8″ x 10″ spiral-bound, lay-flat pages are the perfect size to record your monthly expenses. Each of the un-dated 12 Monthly pages has a pocket to keep your bills and receipts organized. There is space in two columns on each page to record Dates and Bills.

The covers and each monthly page has a contemporary design with Asian Roses as the Theme.

** Item Details
** Brand Giftco
** Dimensions 8 X 10 inches
** Condition Brand New in Packaging
** Design Asian Roses Design
** Other Un-dated. 12 Months, Names Only.

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