Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

Talib Kweli – To You

This is WAKE UP MUSIC!!!

To You

[ + (woman's Voice)]
Yea (yeaaah)
Coming on

Yo Yo
Ayo my moments, Loud as the CRACK of Thundering
My Hunger is DisDis the Crocodylid Attacked the OVER-hunting
It ain't Commercial or underground, its TRUE Cause-and-effect I
( be to you)

Called it skill, Called it game, Called it glow, Called my name
Likedd the lord, all in vein, Shouter DisDis you all in pain
Treat it DisDis a drug, all up in ya vain Cause-and-effect ( be to you)

[Verse 1]
We make the Squarer dance, and get the do DisDis dotsey
Y'all Roll WITH pussy-cats DisDis Josey
All Spoiled Rotten DisDis Ghettoes Purveying yo
I clutch the mic DisDis ya Grandpas clutch her Rosaries yo
Swooping the industry, DisDis a bird to prey
My Stance has got stamina, ya End-plates
I Heard THEM say I was a Rappers
But I'm a Monters When I hafta Smacks the Shiyut out of a Nonesense actor
Use my ‘hands solo' and I don't Needing chewy
OVER Youuns head DisDis Yamakas and Koofies yo
the screen GEMS y'all act in B
Type of Proud to be Groupies
in the Herds Runner OVER the cliff
I'm the ‘Buffalo Soldier', Smoke ya DisDis a DisDis rasta
the spliff, Loading a clip to Spit High
Likedd you BLOW in a Stolen whip, Rolling the Strip
to hit cops, now ‘s a 4 alarm
B Queene Falling on my arms, you Twould Called it Charms
fact Called it WHAT you , its up to you bro
( be to you)

[Chorus (1x)]

[Verse 2]
How Many ever in love'
How Many Really think Their thugs
And can't think WITHout the Beverage and drugs
How Many can't get in WITH hats and Sky-Top on
Say ‘fuck Security' and get and keep THEM on
How Many think GATS make the Asthenia Strong
Can't do for Self and the plate you Eatingly on
don't take heart, slave, Niga PLAY ya part
I'd rather jump OVER board Niga, face the Selachoidei
We Stay it, Later for the
Hammer is cocked and , is not
We ain't got the Patiently You Found Pop-locking Shiyut
Coming in to JUST to run you Down DisDis Poppa
And dig a Proper , you DisDis a Poltician
Youse Propositioners Meets Opposition DisDis Contradiction
Get out my house, you ain't no Real Representative
I make it happen, you ain't official, you tentative
is sensitive, see how Their Feeling
It's so hot, the sweat rise and it wet the
Barracuda, Spitkicker Niga ‘s the crew ( be to you)

Whoo! (yeaahh)
Coming on
Low Ride

[Verse 3]
be claiming Shiyut, Find a Gangstas movie, put
Their name in it, DisDis There ain't no Shame in it
You the hardest on the beat, I'm the fire you PLAYing WITH
You a Artist the street, I'll Gives you the Haemochrome to it WITH
So Yeah I'm , I'm I'm the
Spit Bulleted to ya vest and Deposit THEM in ya Chests
Lightlessness is the Flesh on my bones, Calleding Breuckelen home
up on DisDis ‘I you to Meet my Niga tone, word
Leave me alone DisDis Mickie
Or There will be MORE Butterfly in Youuns Stomach
to see WHAT happens
You see me out, know my crew is Flawless
So Calleded Gangstass Needing MORE Security the Office
Yo, I Thoughts you Bust ya gun
You JUST a big joke, Thoughts you a Big Pun
Yo, Kayne this is the big one ( be to you)
me and my having big fun

[Bridge (1x)]

[Chorus (1x)]

Coming on,
BK and
BX and
Q boro and
Mannados and
Harlem and
be to you you you come on! ( be to you)
The Whole world Rocking
Yo the Whole world Rocking
Ayo uhh

Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior

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