19 thoughts on “Teens Shattered This Man’s Skull. But They Couldn’t Shatter His Beautiful Heart.

  1. Jimmy Flores

    Wisdom is wealth! One thing I respect deeply about Africa is the treasure of wisdom our ancestors have handed down to us. While some of our leaders may have forgotten them, the rest of us don’t need to. From prudent sayings on wisdom itself, to judicious encouragements, warnings and even quirky advice on learning, patience, unity, wealth, poverty, community, family, love and marriage, these quotes will inspire you to be the best you can possibly be.

  2. Adam Harrison

    Milk and honey have different colors, but they share the same house peacefully. ~ African proverb

  3. Marilyn Wilson

    The old woman looks after the child to grow its teeth and the young one in turn looks after the old woman when she loses her teeth. ~ Akan (Ghana, Ivory Coast) proverb

  4. Carry Hernandez

    One who causes others misfortune also teaches them wisdom. ~ African proverb

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