26 thoughts on “The Great Mortality: An Intimate History of the Black Death, the Most Devastatin — Download

  1. Victor Stevens

    Beautiful discourse is rarer than emerald ~ yet it can be found among the servant girls at the grindstones. ~Egyptian Proverb

  2. George Simpson

    If you find “Miss This Year” beautiful, then you’ll find “Miss Next Year” even more so. ~Nigerian Proverb

  3. Ralph Diaz

    Things are to be tried, an old lady cooked stones and they produced soup. ~Zimbabwean Proverb

  4. Diane Patterson

    When a once-beautiful piece of cloth has turned into rags, no one remembers that it was woven by Ukwa master weavers. ~Igbo Proverb

  5. Bobby Bennett

    To love the king is not bad, but a king who loves you is better. ~ Wolof proverb

  6. Kathleen Wallace

    Dine with a stranger but save your love for your family. ~ Ethiopian proverb

  7. Michael Wallace

    No one gets a mouthful of food by picking between another person’s teeth. ~Igbo Proverb

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