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Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

The REAL Matrix We are Plugged Into is…

There is a reason for movies like the Matrix. They often explain a hidden truth the powers that be do not want the common folk to know. The truth lies deeper than the movie itself but the question still remains “How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?” We are truly plugged into this system or rather, locked into this system which is part of the illusion created by a very sinister group of people who promote the institutions that keep us locked in the Matrix and blind to their true motives. These institution include The financial institution (the most evil and powerful) the education institution that continues to program more slaves to feed the financial institution, the religious institution which does pretty much the same as the education institution but with better, lasting results, the political, correctional, medical, legal and various other institutions that ALL keep the wheels of the current money-based system they serve turning. This “Matrix” has keep a small 1% of our world in possession of over 50% of ALL the wealth in the world and control of the most important resources.

Several poets, thinkers, and also authors have criticized the artificial borders that
separate  people/homeowners preoccupied with the idea of nationhood. Regardless of the visions and hopes of astronauts, poets, writers, as well as dreamers, the reality is that nations are constantly up in arms with one another, and also destitution and cravings dominate in lots of places throughout the globe, mainly the United States. So
Far, no astronauts arriving on Earth with this new social consciousness  has
recommended to go beyond the world's restrictions with a world where no  national
limits already exist. Each remains devoted to his/her specific nation-state, and also does not. venture past patriotism– “my nation, right or wrong”– since doing so could risk.
their positions.
The majority of the problems we face around the world today are of our very own making. We must accept that the future depends upon us. Treatments by mythological or divine heroes in white robes coming down from the clouds, or by visitors from various other worlds, are illusions that can not address the issues of our modern world. The future of the world is our obligation and also relies on choices we make today. We are our very own redemption or damnation. The form and also remedies of the future depend totally on the cumulative initiative of all individuals interacting.

Scientific research and innovation race into the future disclosing brand-new perspectives in all areas. New discoveries as well as innovations show up at a price never seen before in record as well as the rate of modification will continue to enhance in the years to come. Books and short articles attempting to describe the future have one foot rooted in the previously, and translate the future with today's ideas and also modern technology.
Most people fit and also less endangered with this perspective on adjustment. they usually respond detrimentally to propositions recommending adjustments in the way they live. For this reason, when speaking of the future, few check out or go over adjustments in our social framework, much less our values. People are made use of to the frameworks and worths of earlier times when tensions as well as levels of understanding were various.

Few can visualize a social structure that allows a “Utopian” life style as compared to today's specifications, or that this way of life might be offered without the.
sweat of one's brow.

The Peaceful Black Warrior


Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior

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