Ase, Maat Hotep. So Mote it Be.

The Secret to Reprogramming Your Mind” alt=”” width=”450″ height=”332″ />

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Taq'uee Hicks, The Peaceful Black Warrior

60 thoughts on “The Secret to Reprogramming Your Mind

  1. Earl Collins

    An abundance of food at your neighbour’s will not satisfy your hunger. ~Bayaka Proverb

  2. Sandra Marshall

    Between true friends even water drunk together is sweet enough. ~ African proverb

  3. Christine Cole

    You are beautiful, but learn to work, for you cannot eat your beauty. ~Congolese Proverb

  4. Frances Ford

    There is always a winner even in a monkey’s beauty contest. ~African Proverb

  5. Eugene Edwards

    Even the colors of a chameleon are for survival not beauty. ~African Proverb

  6. Emily Patterson

    Roosters’ tail feathers: pretty but always behind. ~Malagasy Proverb

  7. Ronald Hall

    To love the king is not bad, but a king who loves you is better. ~ Wolof proverb

  8. Wanda Myers

    The grasshopper which is always near its mother eats the best food. ~Ghanaian Proverb

  9. Dorothy Sanders

    In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams. ~ Nigerian proverb

  10. Joshua Daniels

    The wise create proverbs for fools to learn, not to repeat. ~ African proverb

  11. Bruce Ellis

    Slowly, slowly, porridge goes into the gourd. ~Kuria People of Kenyan & Tanzania

  12. Sara Butler

    An abundance of food at your neighbour’s will not satisfy your hunger. ~Bayaka Proverb

  13. Lillian Washington

    Two ants do not fail to pull one grasshopper. ~ Tanzanian proverb

  14. Sandra Sanchez

    Show me your friend and I will show you your character. ~ African proverb

  15. Roger Scott

    Judge not your beauty by the number of people who look at you, but rather by the number of people who smile at you. ~African Proverb

  16. Jeffrey Walker

    Greatness and beauty do not belong to the gods alone. ~Nigerian Proverb

  17. Janet Fisher

    Roosters’ tail feathers: pretty but always behind. ~Malagasy Proverb

  18. Debra Russell

    It’s much easier to fall in love than to stay in love. ~ African proverb

  19. Harold Cruz

    You do not teach the paths of the forest to an old gorilla. ~Congolese proverb

  20. Carry Clark

    One thread for the needle, one love for the heart. ~ Sudanese proverb

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