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6 Things That Couldve Been Bought With The $1.5 Trillion The Government Spent Developing The F-35 Fighter Jet

Riddled with style defects and entirely inappropriate for fight, the enormously pricey F-35 fighter jet is simply the most recent incredible example of out-of-control federal government costs. Here are some other things that might’ ve been acquired with the $1.5 trillion that the F-35 expense to establish.

1. 1.7 billion M27 tactical attack rifles

While the federal government is dead set on continuing to money the F-35, our nuclear stockpile is falling under disrepair. At a repair expense of simply $20 million per bomb, we might’ ve utilized the$1.5 trillion to renew our collapsing nuclear weapons program and put America back on top.

3. 241,935 M1 Abrams fight tanks

We would never ever desire for tanks once again.

4. 943,396 Tomahawk land attack rockets


There are humanitarian crises in lots of nations all over the world, and while we might be introducing continual rocket projects versus all the overbearing routines that trigger them, the federal government would choose to funnel all our loan into an ineffective airplane.

5. 10,000 F-22 Raptor fighter jets


Having 10,000 F-22s would fulfill our nation’ s aerial fight requires for years to come, however Congress would much rather squander our tax dollars on fancy-pants eliminating makers that put on’ t even work.

6. A cell at Guantanamo Bay for every single homeless individual in America


While real estate somebody at Gitmo isn’ t low-cost– around $2.8 million per individual, annually– the cash invested establishing the F-35 might’ ve quickly put a roofing over the heads of the more than 500,000 Americans presently surviving on the streets. Why get rid of homelessness when you could have an inefficient aircraft rather?

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